Climate Justice Toolkit

As part of the wider social effort to respond to the climate crisis, we are developing a climate justice toolkit targeted at doctoral and early career researchers in the arts, humanities and social sciences. It seeks to situate the university as a social site of direct action, investigating its multiple entanglements with energy-intensive and consumerist daily practices, with a specific focus on academic research practices. We want to move the conversation beyond highly individualised and pragmatic questions (such as ‘what is the carbon footprint of my research’) into considering the ways the academy is complicit in processes of (neo)colonialism and environmental degradation, and how we can respond at the levels of our research practices, our communities and our institutions.

In autumn 2021, we held a workshop to consider what such a toolkit could look like, and to begin assembling material for the toolkit.

In summer 2022, network members will take part in a research and writing retreat at Bidston Observatory Artistic Research Centre in order to develop the toolkit into a full-fledged resource.

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